Boardwalk Solitaire Games


Boardwalk Games offer a wide berth for the development of one's strategy and skill; from small and simple to large and complex. 

There are many ways to approach winning.  There are also many ways to create the game.

Boardwalk Games include single-player and cooperative two-player variations, and may be dealt out identically to players in competition.

Boardwalk Player

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Boardwalk Player gives you the ability to create your own rules, deck of cards, and board layout... (see below).

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(From the Glossary) The Numbers: In reference to how many possible combinations there are between the player and the deal in a game.  In Boardwalk, the number of random deals tends to be relatively infinite.  It is argued that the range of playability - the variety of choices a player has, is the skillful partner by which the player experiences the numbers.   It may seem as if the player is engaging a live or intelligent opponent.   It may even seem as though there is an entity in the cards (haunted).  When, repeatedly, the player moves and the deal flips, it may also seem as if the player and the deal are sparring

Lucky Seven with 52 Cards


Hopscotch with 27 Cards


Scotsi with 107 Cards