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Boardwalk Player

Main Window

At left: 52-card Sqatsi

(as selected under New Game...)



Mark out a play and then click "play".

Click on a legal source card for a play to mark it with an S.
Click on a legal destination for your source card to mark it with a D.
For a hand play, click on a legal return card to mark it with an R.

The program will automatically add marker selections each time it sees only one "publicly obvious" possibility.

The marker-style interface, using the mouse and the letter P work well for making plays with minimal effort.

When a legal play is fully marked out...

click Play (or press P) to perform the play as marked

click Back (or right-click the mouse or press L) to remove the last marker made

click Clear (or press K) to remove all markers

Play Navigation

Play Mode: Plays can be made (and not navigated)

Navigation mode: One can navigate back and forth through any plays in the game that have been made thus far (but new plays cannot be made).

When switching back into play mode, any recorded plays past the current play position will be removed, to make way for new plays being made. 

Game Stats

S/SDR: The current number of legal source cards for making plays and the current number of legal S-D-R combinations.  At left, 9 cards can currently be used in 22 different ways.

U/D: The number of cards currently face up and face down.

Score: The current Boardwalk points score.  Any hand score will not be added until the end of the game.

When the SDR shows zero possibilities, the game is over. 

When row 1 is clear of all cards, the player gets a Win.

When every card in the deck scores, the player gets a Perfect Game.

Note: At the end of the game, "spikes" on row 3 may be automatically played out and scored. (See spikes in How To Play).